5 thoughts on “Signs of Life (Lost, #3)

  1. Yeah, all right, I’ll give it three stars, I’m feeling generous. Why? Because Jeff – the author’s OC Oceanic survivor – is an actual likable and not terrible human being, the writing is pretty decent, and Jeff’s story on the island was pretty interesting, although it relied pretty heavily on dream sequences. Also, Frank T. Thompson did a good job writing the actual LOST characters and their relationships, especially the early antagonism between Sawyer and Jack as well as the characters of Locke,

  2. This was much better Fan-Fiction and truer to the TV series of LOST than the first two by Catherine Hapka. This book was written by Frank Thompson, though Goodreads has it listed by Catherine Hapka.
    The only thing that really bothered me in this book, was the writer’s over use of the word, “Dude” when Hurley was speaking. It made him sound like a blond California surfer with no interest in using words. Hurley never spoke that way and never overused the word “Dude” when speaking!

    I love the inclu

  3. Writers of paperback originals based on television shows would seem to have an easy job: craft dialogue that “sounds” like the characters, and plug those voices into a story that hits all the “beats” of a typical episode without violating and/or altering anything of the show’s internal logic and mythology. I tend to stay away from such books — the few Star Trek books I read were all by Peter David, a master at capturing the cadences of actors’ speech patterns, and beyond that I read Eliot S! Ma

  4. I thought this was a much more interesting read than the “Endangered Species”. I decided to skip right to the third book because it was a by a different author, but I’ll go back and read the second later. The stories are entirely independent of each other anyway.

    It’s somewhat amazing to me that such a mysterious and mindful show doesn’t work “in print” very well. Whereas I thought the books written for the 24 television series would be awful because it relies on so much action… yet the first nov

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