5 thoughts on “Sibling rivalry (Sibling Rivalry, #1)

  1. SIBLING RIVALRY was a sexy and quick read by an author who is new to me. I love to read erotic taboo and the sibling “thing” is definitely a hot topic that is fun to read about!

    Darrien and Ramona are spoiled rich kids who are constantly fighting. In an effort to force them to get along, their parents demand they take a trip together…everyone fears bloodshed, not the dirty, hot weekend they experienced together.

    If you are fretting the “incest” avenue, relax, because they are step-brother and s

  2. Sibling Rivalry was a good story. Hot where it needed to be but unfortunetly left me wanting a little. I guess I am tainted by Moan for Uncle.. the love and the feeling.. the realization that there is something there besides just the sex. I saw some of that here with Darrin and Ramona.. how by the end of the week even though they said that it was just for the days they were stranded together they seemed like they both wanted more but wouldnt say anything to the other. At least.. thats what I was

  3. This book was sexy and fun, but the characters weren’t my favorite. While her step-brother wasn’t so bad, Ramona lacked the necessary redeeming qualities to make her even remotely endearing…

    The book was refreshing though, as the storyline was original and well thought out, unlike much pseudo-taboo books with plots as thick as gauze and characters as deep as a puddle…

    This short story is a recommended read for anyone wanting a quick and naughty escape…perfect for a lunch break!

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