5 thoughts on “Showdown at Yellow Butte

  1. This is the second book that Louis L’Amour wrote under his own name (the seventh book he had published). I liked “Hondo” better, but this one was very good. Reading L’Amour is a way of experiencing the Old West as it was (except perhaps for the blinding speed of all the gunslingers). You learn so much about the times, and the story is always a good one. This is another good read by L’Amour. Recommend it to all who are fans of Westerns.

  2. I noticed this with a few other L’Amour books I’ve read: Within twenty pages the reader finds themselves dumped in a sea of names with little to no background as to who they are. In this case it was worse for a couple names are similar. Worse, as the book goes on, some switch from good to bad and vice versa. Many characters are hardly explained throughout the book except for what side they are. I had trouble keeping track of who was through throughout the book. Here’s further credit I can give f

  3. Good story. L’amour deserves the following he has. If I knew more about guns, some of this would make more sense to me. I just can’t tell, from a description of the guns they carry, which fighter has the advantage. This was fun, and the next time I’m in the mood for some light reading, I may pick up another L’amour.

    I finally borrowed this book from a friend, since I couldn’t find it in bookstores. I’m about halfway through. So far, so good. Never having read a western before, I was surprised to

  4. An early L’Amour originally written under the pen-name of Jim Mayo. Man is hired to run out some squatters but quickly realizes he is on the wrong side. This early book is not quite up to the standards that L’Amour would later set, but it is still fairly good. Recommended to western fans.

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