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  1. This was a really fun read. Classic set up, old money rich family terrible secret…sort of a creture feature, but well done in every aspect from characters to gore and action. Nicely paced, very quick read. Recommended.

  2. I hated how this book started.The first 2 scenes were brutality and murder of women.I refuse to read a book that starts out this way.I find it very distasteful and I won’t be reading any more books by these authors.I read a part of another book by them and it was about sexual perversity against women.I don’t find this horrifying in the way some men might-men who enjoy hurting women.It is not OK to treat women this way.So stay away from these authors as I will be doing in the future.

  3. I will start by saying the one positive thing I found about the book. The monster was inventive and interesting. I especially enjoyed the flashback chapters dispersed throughout the book. Now for the overall opinion of the book. A fairly typical horror story… a man of a rich family knocks up a woman and then takes the child back home. Of course his indiscretion is revealed. Later his bad handling of the situation leads the monster to seek revenge on the family. Decent story, but nothing really

  4. It’s pretty standard horror fare. I did really like the way the authors built the story around flashbacks- it was an effective way of telling the story while filling readers in on background. For however slick they were at that technique though, they were just really hamfisted with the present day backstories.

    For example, there’s this whole section where they go on and on about the familial strife between one of the monster’s victims and his mother… and it goes nowhere. While I guess you could

  5. 2 and 1/2 STARS

    This was my first outing with these authors and although I won’t judge them by this book and completely write them off, I wasn’t that impressed with Shelter. The British translation for certain words interfered with the flow of the book, and although I knew what the definition was, it was annoying to read. Small tweaks for American readers would have been nice. In addition, my other problems with this book were the clunky plot devices, inconsistent character decisions that were m

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