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  1. Shakespeare’s Secret’s main character is Hero Netherfield, a 6th grade girl who is trying to adjust to a new school. She is an outcast that contrasts greatly to her outgoing, pretty sister Beatrice. Both girls get their names from the Shakespearian play Much Ado About Nothing, which is a favorite of their Shakespearian scholar father. Hero is miserable because of the teasing of classmates, but the friendship of an elderly neighbor and a neighborhood boy who confides the details of a famous missi

  2. This was a fun and quick read that I was previewing as a possibility for Sarah to read. I think I’ve decided to let it wait another year or so–mostly because I just think she’ll enjoy it more then. She’s going into third grade next year, and the main characters are in sixth and eighth grades, so the context is just a little bit older for her.

    Anyway, this is the story of Hero (named after the character in Much Ado about Nothing) and her family who move into a new town and a house with a mystery

  3. OH MY GOD.

    I actually bought this book, and have read it cover to cover so, so many times. So, you can figure out that after I moved into my new house, I would want to reread this book again, right? Well, you are correct. But, always remember this. Moving does some things to your stuff. Bad things.

    There was a freaking DEAD SPIDER flattened on one of the pages in the book! Dead! With its… stuff in its body all splattered out! Can you imagine my horror? My freaking horror? It scared the HECK

  4. There was so many different aspects of this book that appeal to different people. If you like mysteries then there’s that aspect of the book. If you like history, then there’s the Shakespeare angle. If you like realistic fiction about middle school angst, then there’s that angle too. My only criticism of the book is that sometime Broach used her description to excess and she also made it appear as if the mystery that was solved at the end of the story was historically accurate. Of course, that p

  5. I listened to this book while doing my tri-state pre-Christmas driving tour. That is to say, I listened to the whole thing while driving from Williamsburg to Leesburg, then to College Park, MD, then to Alexandria, then back to Richmond where I shuttled between my parents’ house and Judson’s parents’ house. Lots of driving, lots of time to follow along with the mystery.

    I liked the main character – something that rarely happens – and I liked the premise. This is a story about a lonely, slightly g

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