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  1. I was so excited to be able to review an advance copy of this book! I just purchased a Kindle and I downloaded the pdf copy of this book from Dell Banks to my Kindle. This was the first book that I read on my new Kindle, and I couldn’t have picked a better book! Plus, the story takes place in Detroit. I am from Michigan, so it was cool to read a book set in my home state!

    This book starts off with a bang! It has my full attention. I am already feeling sorry for the “ghetto Cinderella, living on

  2. At the outset of reading this book, I was impressed with the author writing in the first person female voice as a male author. But as I got into the plot there were two inciting incidents that forced me to question the author’s ability to tell a story that stayed true to the characters, and almost prompted me to abandon the novel. I contacted the author and we had a brief chat, and explained to me a perfect reason for the illogical actions of the characters. As I just couldn’t believe that peopl

  3. It was an all right book. The story started out interesting and gripping but by the middle of the book it became kind of far-fetched and had me saying to myself “Really?”. The way it ended makes me want to read what’s next but if I don’t it wouldn’t matter to me.

  4. I was particularly interested in this book when I found out the author was from my hometown Detroit. That’s right baby home of the Motown sound and we love to get down. We stay on point like Stacey Adams. Lol! Okay I’m getting besides myself here.But like I was saying the author is from my hometown and it was very nice recognizing all the landmarks that he was naming in the book.
    Shady, Shady and more Shady should have been the name of this book because the characters in this great plot driven s

  5. This book dealt with a lot of Shady people from boyfriends to mothers so the title really says it all. This book was filled with a lot of drama that kept me flipping through the pages to find out more. I wanted to know what was gong to happen next or who was going to do something crazy. Even those in the story you dont think are going to be Shady wind up being shady smh… cant wait for part two of this book! The book was good had a few minor editing mishaps but other than that i enjoyed it!!

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