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  1. Thomas Milton is bi-polar. He and his wife, Beth along with her seeing eye dog, Bailey are about to have an addition to their family with a newborn baby.

    Thomas’s world unravels when Beth and the baby temporary move in with her parents leaving Thomas and Bailey to cope on their own. Thomas gets into porn. Also he is visited by his “shadowed soul” who is nothing but trouble.

    I found this book to be a very well written and thought out book. It definitely is thought provoking in a good way. Mr. Spa

  2. A Successful Exploration of Bi-Polar Personality Disorder

    John M. Spagnoli has found a means to open a window into the way in which a mind confused with bipolar or manic depressive syndrome in a way few authors have been successful. Perhaps part of the success of this novel is the fact that Spagnoli presents a near autobiographical story with his main character Thomas Milton reflecting in many ways Spagnoli’s own treacherous journey through the complexities of adjusting a mind bruised by bi-polar

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    I received this book from the publishing company for an honest review.

    When I read the synopsis to this book I thought ‘this is a must read’! Right up my alley. I thought I would love it. Did I? Nope. Was it a waste of time? Absolutely not! I liked it! It just wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. In all honestly when I was reading this book I was rating it at a 2 star…until something clicked…and the light turned on….

    I loved the characters, especially

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    My final thoughts:
    With all due respect to the author, and this story, I couldn’t finish it. Not because it was a terrible book, it isn’t! I did however slightly triggering. Not because I could relate to having a bi-polar disorder, or have suffered familial tragedies like the protagonist in this story, but because there was a particular tone in the story that actually scared my mental well-being.

    I basically read a large number of the first chapters and then skipped toward

  5. REVIEW:

    Thomas Milton and his wife, Beth, their dog, Bailey are the main characters. Thomas is bi-polar, Beth is blind and Bailey is a seeing eye dog. Thomas and Beth are about to add to their family, a baby is on the way.

    After the baby is born, Beth and the baby move in with her parents for a while. This leaves Thomas and Bailey to get by on their own. Thomas starts to spiral. He is hearing his “shadowed soul” and that spells trouble. He has also started entertaining porn. The book was a well w

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