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  1. I liked this book better the first time I read it (25 years ago), but I still very much admire the hero: Robert Frederickson, Phd., doctor of criminology, private detective, karate black belt, former circus acrobat . . and dwarf. “Mongo the Magnificent” (his nom de cirque) encounters bizarre crimes often linked with the occult, and this tale–involving paranormal powers at the United Nations–is no exception.

    This novel has a lot of action and not much atmosphere–just the reverse of my taste. S

  2. How can anyone resist a dwarf private investigator, who used to be circus performer but now has a Ph.D in criminology? I know I couldn’t.

    Though I don’t know if this would be a 5 star book for everyone, I have to give it such a rating due to the formative effect this novel had on me as a teenager. Though it was initially published in 1977, I must have read it in the early 1980’s when I was still in high school. I don’t know if George Chesbro’s series featuring Dr. Robert Frederickson, AKA Mongo,

  3. Robert Frederickson is a professor of criminology at a university located in New York City. He’s also a private detective. He’s also a dwarf who is a former circus performer, a tumbler and acrobat called Mongo. He’s also wry, intelligent, witty, caring, and insightful.

    A week before his much needed vacation, he is hired to verify the death of a very famous architect who died very dramatically some years before. The man’s wife, now remarried, has become convinced he is still alive. What seems to b

  4. A series with a former circus performing dwarf turned college professor and part-time private detective? How did I never hear of this before now? And how many more are there?

  5. Mongo, the dwarf private investigator, is a university professor of criminalistics somewhere in Manhattan. What a good read this first Mongo mystery was! Yes, the protag is unusual, and I don’t usually go for the gimmicks, but Mongo is great! He’s self depreciating, smart and clever, anxious on occasion and athletic to boot!

    Mysterious murders and hints of the paranormal bring Mongo under fire from several international governments as well as the United Nations. Kidnapping, torture and Mongo’s gy

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