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  1. “When you’re at war, you think about a better life. When you’re at peace, you think about a more comfortable one.” ~ Thornton Wilder

    Be ye a hawk or a dove, there’s no denying that we owe a massive amount of our technology to the military OR companies contracted to work for the military.

    Your microwave? – A British military scientist invented its technology by accident while trying to devise a death ray to blow up enemy planets.

    Your handheld video recorder? – Developed by the military in World W

  2. A Story of Modern Technology
    29 August 2011 – Berlin

    I do actually like non-fiction books and found this one very interesting. In fact I actually agree with his conclusions (though many people will probably baulk at them). His idea is that the technology that we have today has been developed through what he considers three bad things: war, porn, and fast food. While I do not consider food to be a bad industry in itself (and would even consider investing in it), I do find that war and porn are. Ho

  3. I’ve wanted to read this since I saw an interview w/ Nowak on Stombo’s CBC show (damn no longer living in Seattle and having access to CBC and Strombo!) but America took awhile to get this across the border.

    Unlike Eric Schlosser’s Reefer Madness, which is written in Schlosser’s demur Eeyore outlook, Nowak delivers a very even-keeled and well-thought out dissection of food, sex, and war as the three primal urges that have driven innovation, invention, and technology through the 20th and 21st Cen

  4. The subtitle of this book is: “How War, Porn and Fast Food Created Technology as We Know It”, which perfectly describes this enjoyable geeky read.

    Let’s start with a simple example so you’ll get the feeling of what this book is about: Where does the idea of making a microwave come from? Simple: A British military scientist invented its technology by accident while trying to devise a death ray to blow up enemy planes. Here’s another example: Where does your video camera come from? Well, it was dev

  5. الجنس، والقنابل والبرغر.. ثلاث من أبرز ملامح الحضارة الأمريكيّة الحديثة، وهو أيضاً عنوان لكتاب، الجنس، والقنابل والبرغر: كيف شكّلت الحرب، والمواد الإباحيّة والوجبات السريعة التكنلوجيا بالطريقة التي باتت عليها اليوم. مؤلّف الكتاب پيتر نواك، صاحب ولع كبير بالتقنية منذ صغره، تتبّع في كتابه هذا الكثير من المظاهر التقنيّة التي باتت جزءاً من حياتنا اليوميّة ليُظهر وبنحو باعث على الدهشة أنّ معظم إن لم يكن كل ما يقع تحت نواظرنا من الأجهزة التقنيّة يرجع في الأصل إلى ثلاث نزعات: الأكل، والصراع، والجنس. ال

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