5 thoughts on “Seeds of Discontent

  1. A Great Read for any Amateur Historian

    I learned much about American Colonial historical events and figures previously unknown to me. The book is well written; the narrative moves along at a pace that emphasizes acts, consequences, character strengths and weaknesses, while excluding unnecessary and uninteresting details meant only to increase a historical work’s page count and demonstrate the author’s dedication to research.

    Mr. Carr has an eye for what is important and an ear for language that im

  2. From the perspective of over two hundred years, the founding of the United States and the events leading to the American War for Independence seem almost inevitable. Even more so, the events

    Dealing primarily with the combined British and colonial amphibious siege’s on the Spanish fortress city of Cartagena in present day Venezuela and the French fortress city of Louisburg in present day Nova Scotia, Seeds of Discontent aims to show how several generations of frustration laid the groundwork for

  3. Wow. That is all I have to say for this book. The author brought up issues I was never taught in school and clarified the beginings of the American Revolution for me. Best friends and partners England and America may be now, it was not so over two hundred years ago and this book proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. It is interesting to me that issues leading up to the American Revolution were not at all new or the product of the current British government, but of a longstanding record of abuse,

  4. This gives a detailed, well-written account of the events leading up to the American Revolution. Lately I’ve been seeing attempts at deconstructing the revolution and framing it as, essentially, a temper tantrum. This book, however, shows first the years of almost total independence as the colonies grew, then the abuse and neglect by the British government once America caught their attention again. After reading this, it’s easy to see that the colonies were ripe for revolution by the time 1775 c

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