5 thoughts on “Secrets of the Woods

  1. Delightful. I’m not sure there is a better word for this book. Long’s writings makes me want to get way out in the woods to just sit quietly. To observe, contemplate, form relationships. Since beginning this book, I’ve found myself and my kids taking much greater interest in the behaviors of the little creatures in our own back yard. I highly recommend Long to anyone who love animals and nature – or who wants to learn to love them.

  2. We have learned a bit from this book once you can filter through the wordiness. My son loved learning about forest creatures and the Indian. And I enjoyed the same along with the care given to the animals. Observing animals in their natural habitat and taking care to remind them if they get comfortable what fear is, struck a heart string of keeping animals in their natural state without causing harm is amazing.

  3. Read this with my daughter as part of the AO Yr3 curriculum for nature study. We enjoyed most of the animal stories, especially the otter and the wood-mouse, but quite a few were unnecessarily wordy, which detracted from our overall enjoyment of the book. Mostly, we have really liked the AO book choices, so this is the first 2-star review for us.

  4. What a hauntingly beautiful guide through the New England woods, including intimate visits with many of the woodland creatures, their personalities showing the endless ingenuity of their Creator!

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