2 thoughts on “Secrets of a Good Girl

  1. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. 3 Stars! ~ Eric Barnes grew up beside Cassidy Maxwell; and when they were kids, he was like her big brother. That changed when Cassidy turned 16 and Eric gave her her first real kiss. Eric went off to Saunders patiently waiting for Cassidy to grow up. And then Cassidy went to Saunders too. They promised that on the day Cassidy graduated they would become engaged. Only Cassidy didn’t show up for her graduation and Eric was left standing waiting. When he sought her out, she was no where to be foun

  2. AMAZING BOOK!!!! A true gift of an author to emerge the reader in their story that it stays with them days/months/years from finishing the novel!! This review is coming later from when I read the book so can attest to its strength of story & character depth!! 🙂 love the story, great points made of we can make bad choices, but we are human so the ability of righting a wrong & doing today what matters most don’t put that off because tomorrow is not promised kinda concepts!!!! 🙂

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