5 thoughts on “Secrets for Success and Happiness

  1. A journal, of sorts, describing the acts of how Og Mandino arrived at his conclusions through the conversations he held with himself. It’s a trip alongside a great man by version of a mouse in his pocket. It’s a great journey that allows you time to stop and ponder the philosophies.

  2. This was the first book I was given to read when I began my 20 year career in executive search.

    I marveled as the philosophy depicted here is in line with what is known as the law of tithing, found in the last chapter of Malachi in the Old Testament of the King James Bible.

    It seems that nearly every successful sales professional I’ve known has learned for themselves that giving away part of their income and blessings, to those who need it, will increase your successes many fold.

    After a successfu

  3. I love Og mandino and his writings. But I am not that crazy that I would like to know his everyday life events. I found the title misleading. They could have said Og’s Journal. Will not recommend this to anyone

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