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  1. come on, look at that cover! doesn’t it make you smile?

    i thought this was well-told — historically accurate without getting too bogged down in detail for young readers — and the illustrations just cracked me the heck up. so winsome! i liked this author’s book about the war of the worlds radio broadcast too (maybe i’ll get around to reviewing that someday) — she’s got a nicely quirky sensibility and i love her character’s googly eyes and grins. couple of pages in the back have great resources

  2. To me this was one of those biographical picture books that was written by someone who might not have a lot of children’s lit experience. It read kind of like a history book for kids, and Jordan wasn’t terribly interested. The pictures were pretty cute, though.


    I chose to read Seabiscuit The Wonder Horse as my informational book because it relates very well to our setting (Lexington, KY!). I had never heard the story of Seabiscuit and I have been volunteering weekly at the Kentucky Horse Park so I loved reading a horse story! The characters were awesome and the book was exciting, even though it was an informational (non-fiction) book.

    The illustrations were the best part of the book for me. I loved the way that the illustrator made Sea

  4. This book looks fiction because of the illustrations, but it is actually nonfiction. This reinforces the fact that students need to read the book before putting it in a category. The story of Seabiscuit is a story of hope and perseverance. It could be a used as a classroom read-aloud and a great way to introduce young students to the powerful, inspiring story of Seabiscuit.

  5. Wow! What a good one!
    It’s about a goofy looking horse who wins a big race and gets a whole lot of flowers at the end, and how excited everyone got. And why not? He was the fastest horse ever and made people happy.
    It was too hard to read myself but Mama read it to me.
    It had good pictures AND it was true!
    I hope the other horse won sometimes too so he didn’t feel bad.

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