4 thoughts on “Savage Wilderness

  1. I was just going to give a 5 star rating and be on my way but when I saw how few reviews it has, I thought about doing this book some justice.
    This novel has one of the most realistic portrayals of war and that is what got me hooked to it from the very beginning. But of course, that is not the only good thing about this wonderful story by Harold Coyle. You know how some stories have multiple protagonists and how everything that happens around them is all in an effort to bring them together in a

  2. Coyle worked long and hard to create fictional characters for this novel about what we in America normally call the French and Indian Wars. Unfortunately, with only one or two exceptions, his characters are of little note and don’t really launch the reader properly into the conflict. In fact, Coyle glosses over the actual causes of the conflict so quickly that unless the reader is a bit more familiar with the historical overview, he might even miss what the conflict was really about. Instead, Co

  3. A very well written fictional account of American history before the Revolutionary war. The time period covered is the war between the French and the English over the New York and Virginia territories. It seemed to me that the book moved somewhat slowly, however that being a small criticism, this is a very interesting read about American history.

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