5 thoughts on “Sarah’s Quilt (Sarah Agnes Prine, #2)

  1. This is the sequel to “These Is My Words”, which is probably one of my very favorite books of all time. Sarah’s Quilt picks up a few years after These Is My Words left off. It’s about a summer full of trials and how they are endured and what is learned.

    Sarah Agnes Prine Elliot is still living in the Arizona Territory. Her children are grown and she is discovering that she is having a hard time letting them go. There is a drought that’s threatening to destroy her ranch. Her brother Harland and hi

  2. I think this book was well written, but frankly, the story was just SO dang sad, it stressed me out reading it. Everyone says, oh she finds love, so I keep reading and thinking she will have a happy life, then when I’m positive it can’t get any more depressing, it totally does! I truly hope one person did not go thru THAT many tragedies in real life. I don’t know if I can stand to read the 3rd book in this series, it’s too much of a downer – (I did just read the reviews of the 3rd book and every

  3. Well I’m just plumb tuckered out and fit to be tied after reading this book. Although I did enjoy seeing Sarah move on with her life, I think I would have rather left her memory the way it ended in These is My Words. This book is so far fetched and over the top with trials and heartaches. Made me exhausted reading it. Couldn’t relate to it the same as the first book, and it didn’t have as many tidbits of wisdom. It was interesting and she pulls you in just the same as the first book. It was good

  4. I didn’t realize These Is My Words had two sequels until after I finished it. And when I found out, I was bummed. ME, the queen of sequels! I felt that These Is My Words was beautiful and heart-rending and deliciously complete in and of itself. To continue the story would dilute the one already told. So, I promised myself to ignore the sequels so I wouldn’t risk ruining the closure I already had. But of course, I couldn’t resist, and I’m happy I read on. Turner churns out the adventure and roman

  5. A sequel usually doesn’t live up to the orginal and this novel only gets 3 stars maybe 3.5. I loved These is my Words but this continuation of Sarah’s life was sad, depressing, and I believe, I would have rather ended her story with the first book. Sarah was a strong woman and I did enjoy the characters and how their thoughts and actions color their lives however without more uplifting stories the book didn’t hold my interest, compel me to read, want me to experience her life. There are good boo

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