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  1. The Book of Marek

    1. Now in those days there dwelled in the land of the France’ites a man named Ma’rek, who was a prophet of the Lord.

    2. And Ma’rek had suffered much for his faith and undergone many trials. And he had seen how strange are the Lord’s ways.

    3. Now Ma’rek had need of gold. And he prayed to the Lord, saying, show me how I might get me riches, that I may further exalt Thy name.

    4. Then that night an angel came to Ma’rek in a dream. And the angel said, write thou a history of Abraham’s w

  2. I have two ladies in my reading group to thank for this read. I remember Rebecca and Robyn saying how much they enjoyed The Red Tent, and as I browsed the book shelves at the local thrift store, I pulled the book Sarah because of its title, took a second look at it because one reviewer mentioned its likeness to The Red Tent, and thought a fictional narrative about the life of Sarah (and Abraham) would be interesting, to say the least.

    Before, during and after my reading of Sarah, I read the bibli

  3. Mr. Halter takes extensive creataive liberties with sacred historical figures. I do prefer Orson Scott Cards version better – Women of Genesis series with a book also titled Sarah – mainly because those books are less sexual and likely closer to actual events.

    This version is well written and easy to read. Sarai’s emotions are strong pulling you into the center of her heart. Halter creates a childhood for her with no historical connection but is interesting. Much of the first part of the book fo

  4. Another work of Biblically inspired works. Provides a neat perspective of Sarai (before she becomes Sarah). A good look at ancient Mesopotamian culture. Illustrates well the romance between Sarah and Abraham and how it grew from when they were Sarai and Abram into their old age and the miracle birth of their first child. Books of this sort make Biblical stories more personal and relatable.

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