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  1. A travel book: boy rides motorcycle around Africa, interspersed with flashbacks to the sudden death of his fiancee and their romance (and no this is not a spoiler). Sometimes too syrupy for words, and sometimes truly interesting, but often too little about the places he visits.

  2. Well, a few pages in and already we’ve had gems like “Zaire may have been in turmoil, as, no doubt, were countless other African states, but so what?” As long as your trip’s still on, you don’t care. Then his “first experience of African bureaucracy”: “Jonny, remember, this is ~Africa~, learn patience.” I don’t have time already for this crap, and went to read this book because it’s been on my shelf for years and I’m cleaning up. There are more than enough books about Africa by Africans for me t

  3. A solid addition to my work-in-progress motorcycle adventure library.
    I must admit, I didn’t see the ending coming, pleasant surprise there and a nice coda. I may have skipped out the italicized relationship-history sections, although I’m sure others would like the book for those exact parts.
    Quite the feat for early-1990’s Africa, legendary even?
    Quite enjoyed the book, compare and contrast with Charlie Boorman and Ewen M.’s Long Way Down.
    Enjoyed it, which is what counts.

  4. My favorite motorcycling adventure book, by far.
    Heartfelt and true, it’s bits of Africa flying by you as you thunder down that dirt road. If you ever wanted to ride a motorcycle, please pick this one up.

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