2 thoughts on “Rubens

  1. Very much enjoyed the formatting of the book itself: the bold type and careful formatting, and the fantastic colour replicas throughout made the book feel very closely connected to its subject matter. The text itself was a fairly comprehensive coverage of Rubens’ life both personal and professional. There was some detailed analysis of his art, although I would have liked a little more depth as regards to his use of symbology and the role of symbology in art at the time, which was briefly touched

  2. Belkin, though a bit glowing at times, gives a nice overview of Rubens’s life and work with a nod to how the Counter-reformation played an important role to his success as a court painter. The book is smallish, so the reproductions are compromised, but themselves very clear and rich. I liked the sections about his workshop and how it ran, as well as the telling of his eventually failed diplomacy.

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