3 thoughts on “Rommel’s Greatest Victory

  1. I found this book easy and enjoyable to read. The author offers a well presented and researched account of Rommel’s capture of Tobruk in 1942. It shows Rommel at his best although he was hepled at times by the Allies lack of understanding of all-arms combat. It shows Rommel was also extremely lucky on occassion but he was a commander who led from the front and took advantage of these lucky breaks.

    The only faults I could find with this book were the maps and some incorrect captions to some of th

  2. A straightforward, clear exposition of Rommel’s tactical moves from 1940-1942. Competently written, but not scintillating in the slightest. This stands as a good “for the record” account; Mitcham notes the positions of every division, etc., at every given moment, but this minutae really cuts the narrative flow. Perhaps better as a reference book.

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