5 thoughts on “Robots and Empire (Robot, #4)

  1. 4.0 stars. While listed as the last of the Robot series, this is probably better discribed as the bridge novel between the Robot novels and the Foundation series. In it we see the beginnings of how the Galactic Empire got started and why there are no Robots in the distant future of the Foundation novels (except of course for R. Daneel Olivaw) who becomes the only central character to appear in both series.

    In addition to being a pivotal novel in the Robot/Foundation series, it is also top space o

  2. It should be noted that I am a long-standing Asimov fan, so my opinion is perhaps not entirely objective. Having said that, Robots and Empire stands out to me as one of his top works. It serves to bridge his Empire/Foundation and Robots series; this is a dangerous venture, because there is always the risk of fouling one or both stories in the process. Asimov handles it admirably though, in a way that gives a satisfactory conclusion to the Elijah Baley story, and sets the scene for the way into t

  3. In some ways, this novel, which clearly and explicitly links three of Isaac Asimov’s series–Robot, Foundation, and Empire–is the development of a new law of robotics. Of course, all fans of Asimov know the three laws:

    1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm;
    2. A robot must obey orders given it by humans except where such orders would violate the First Law;
    3. A robot must protect its existence unless such behavior would violate the fir

  4. Like every other Asimov book, a snappy, fantastic read full of crisp dialogue and an absorbing plot with elements of sci-fi and mystery. I will never get over his ability to craft books without a single dull moment despite the fact that 99% of the action is just people talking. They’re either hashing out a logical argument or painstakingly explaining one of the few actual bits of action, and I will never get tired of it.

    If you’re new to Asimov, thank you for reading this review, but let me stop

  5. Bir önceki kitapla başlayan Vakıf serisine olan köprünün inşaatı bununla son buldu. Şuan hala kitabın sonunun etkisindeyim. Bu Asimov nasıl bir yazardır da yıllar sonra bile okunduğunda insanı böyle derinden etkileyebiliyor anlamış değilim. Şuan altını çize çize söylüyorum Vakıf serisini direk okumayın. Araya Robot serisini muhakkak ekleyin. Tam okuma sırasını yazımın sonuna ekleyeceğim buna uyun muhakkak.

    Kitap için birşeyi demeden de edemeyeceğim. Ulan Gladia kaşarlığın kitabını yazdın be 🙂 G

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