2 thoughts on “Roberto Clemente

  1. Although told very simply for children, it was chalk full of interesting tid-bits. The book started when he was a small child living with his family in Puerto Rico and ended with his pre-mature death while on his way to offer humanitarian aide to Nicaragua after a terrible earthquake.

    The life depicted in-between was that of a passionate man who believed in hard work, helping others, and baseball. This book is perfect for children interested in both baseball and history as well as those looking f

  2. This short story is about the life of the famous baseball player, Roberto Clemente. It explains his childhood life. How him and his family were hard working people. They explain how his career started. They also explain how Clemente died. This short story has taught me a lot about Roberto Clemente. I did not know most of the things that was written in this book. I do recommend this book to be read to students. I recommend it because even little boys will enjoy this non-fiction short story of Ro

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