5 thoughts on “Rise of a Queen

  1. When you begin reading this novel, you are immediately taken to another place. J.S. Riddle’s new vampire series is not what I expected, and this is a good thing. I enjoyed vampire novels long before the advent of Twilight the other similar books that have come along since, and this book reminded me why. One of my all time favorite authors is Anne Rice, and this book, although original and clearly not modeled after Anne’s books, had somewhat the same feel. The characters are a bit mysterious, the

  2. Rise of a Queen was good, Tessa started from be a human being and becomed a vampire to reach the top of the power of Levé clan.
    After the death of Greco she had a empty freeway for hold the kingdom in her hands, and the soft revenge towards the Queen Desdemona that killed the men she loved, Greco.
    The plot was interesting and also the characters that show the lifestyle of vampires society.

  3. All will love the vampire queen. One of the best vampire books I have read. Emma was a lost human, but was rescued by her vampire lover Greco, who changed her. With the death of her beloved husband, she seeks out her killer and takes her rightful place as Queen. Many moons past as she finds her human family to live under her rule. This book will excite you to the very core.

  4. This book pulled me in right from the first page. I loved the entire storyline! Thankfully it’s not sissy ended or bland as many tend to be. This one will keep you enthralled all the way through. I highly recommend it!

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