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    A group of infantry men from the 133rd battalion during WWII have all come together for a reunion at the site of thier capture in Belgium during the Battle of the Buldge. While visiting a hated traitor shows up searching for diamonds in an old coldhouse of a brutal farmer. This man ends up being killed by the farmer during the same moment a member of the group dies (of old age). This man ends up being found in the coldhous

  2. Reunion turned out to be a very nice novel about a group of WWII veterans that reunite many years later. The strongest point of this novel is the way the characters are brought to life and you can empathize with them.
    As the background plot, we have a mystery about something that happened many years ago during the war.
    But most enjoyable about “Reunion” is the author ability to describe people and places obliging the reader to truly care about them

  3. American veterans whose unit was mauled by the early German advance in the Battle of the Bulge meet for one last reunion in St. Vith, bringing with them some unfinished business.

  4. Pretty excruciatingly painful and often hilarious story of a high school reunion from completely self-deprecating Girard, who identifies every terrible character trait he has… this is not as funny as Jeffrey Brown when he does similarly humiliating things (Every Girl is the End of the World For Me, Clumsy, and so many hilarious stories); Brown works the endearing and charming angle far better. Still Girard is funny; some people find him too painful to read, and I get that, but the honesty is gre

  5. I’m not sure how much of this is true, or exaggerated, or slightly true, or what… in the end it doesn’t matter, because it reads true enough, and it reads emotionally true, and this book is not only another example of Pascal Girard’s ability to get at awkward, hard to face emotions (in this book, the idea of getting older even when you don’t finish growing up), but it’s also an example of how Girard is really funny.

  6. Pascal, bédéiste & résident de Québec, reçoit un beau matin une lettre toute particulière, qui contient une invitation à des retrouvailles du secondaire. (J’ai fait rimer ça sans faire exprès, juré craché.) Rapidement rongé par la perspective de ne plus être, aux yeux de ses anciens camarades de classe, le gagnant qu’il croit avoir été au secondaire, notre héros se lance dans la course à pied, se met au régime, ressasse de vieux souvenirs & traque allègrement ses anciens kicks sur Facebo

  7. Suivez l’alter ego de Pascal Girard dans une suite constante de fails phénoménaux avant, pendant et après son conventum au Lac Pouce, au Saguenay. J’ai rarement rencontré un personnage aussi pathétique dans mes lectures; votre estime de soi s’en trouvera boostée, garanti.

  8. I originally picked it up because the art looked nice, but I dunno, there just didn’t seem to be any thing nice to say about Pascal! There wasn’t even a point where I felt bad for him! It just seemed to get worse, and that he deserved every little bit of unhappiness. I feel bed for the girl he’s dating because he didn’t say anything about wanting to see an old flame. I like the art, but meh on the story.

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