3 thoughts on “Retro Cakes and Cookies

  1. For many this might be a bit of a culinary trip down memory lane. For some it will be totally new. And a few will no doubt wonder what all the fuss is about as, for them, these cakes and cookies have never gone out of fashion.

    This slim, colourful book gives the reader a couple of dozen recipes that look, thanks in part to the wonderful photography, as yummy today as they no doubt did to a knee-high child all of those years ago. Showing perfectly that recipes need not be complicated or involved t

  2. I found that these recipes were basic, and a little unimaginative. If you have a Betty Crocker cookbook, you already have all of these recipes. If you’re new to baking, this could be helpful, but you’d probably be better off buying the Betty Crocker cookbook. The pictures are beautiful, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Betty Crocker’s Cookbook

    The bottom line; if you are an experience baker, and already own a few dessert cookbooks, skip this one. If you’re new to baking, and wan

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