0 thoughts on “Renaissance Debates on Rhetoric

  1. What a fun conversation! Not only do these writers debate with each other, but they all engage in some sort of dialogue–with Cicero, Plato, St. Jerome, beloved correspondents, constructed interlocutors, France in general, etc. Fun to trace some of the classic rhetoric debates: rhet. v. phil., morality of rhetoric, rhetoric v. poetics, rhetoric’s connection to democracy and/or demagoguery, France’s rhetorical capacities, etc.

    The annotations and historic/mythic glossary are wonderful for connect

  2. This is a good peek into the wildly debated world of rhetoric. This collection is also a great doorway into the subject of rhetoric. Some essays are a quite dry (I’m looking at you Ramus) while others were insightful (Erasmus, et al) or funny (Jewel). All in all, this book is a nice peek into the history of rhetoric.

  3. This was generally interesting and relevant reading for my dissertation on the rhetoric of Shakespeare, and I’m sure I’ll quote from this book several times.

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