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  1. In the military action thriller genre, it’s common to talk the talk. It’s the bare minimum, after all–in today’s information-rich society, it is ridiculously easy to pick out an author who didn’t do the research. But even among those who can talk the talk, there is an exalted category, those who have walked the walk. Those who have literally put their lives on the line outside the wire and bring their experiences with them to the written word.

    Jack Murphy is one of the few who can talk the talk

  2. I almost gave this story a 2 or 3 star rating, but the ending was so great, with tons of action, that I bumped it up to a 4-star rating. Overall the book is a great action thriller, with plenty of shoot’em up action.

    The only thing that slowed down the story and made me roll my eyes (like I can’t believe how dorky/hokey this is) is when the author introduced the main villains in the story and set them up as an end of the world type cult. Early on the evil powers that be were holding some kind of

  3. The book was easy to read, but the violence was at times overwhelming. Jack knows how to tell a story and keep it interesting. Military fiction is not my usual genre, but I’ve enjoyed Jack’s books – I’ve read his PROMIS books as well. Sort of a learning experience for me I guess, into the mindset of a “professional” soldier. The PROMIS books are a tad unsettling, since PROMIS program is real; and I suspect the action in the books was very realistic if not factual.

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