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  1. When I picked up Redefining Beautiful I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I mean, afterall, it’s a teen book and yet I am an adult woman. But being the wife of a youth pastor I figured it would be a beneficial read. What I didn’t expect was for my own heart to be touched by several of Jenna’s thoughts that she shared in such understandable ways.

    I enjoyed the way she took our self image as a girl/woman and connected it to our relationship with our father. It is something you hear about often, yet

  2. I grabbed this book hearing that it was good for high school girls to read and wanted to see if it could be something I could recommend to my girls. While the writing is completely targeted for the high school age, and sometimes cheesy because of that, I also was surprised to find that a lot of the book hit right at home for me.

    Lucado touches on how we redefine our beauty it how we look to God as a father figure, an area I have always struggled with. Lucado writes, “A lot of our style comes fro

  3. Jenna Lucado and her father, Max, discuss issues (self-esteem, dating, modesty, abusive relationships, eating disorders, divorce) and how what girls need is a good relationship with their father.

    Because not every girl has this, she discusses how the father-child relationship (especially the father-daughter one) is meant to mimic the relationship that God has with each of us.

    There are Bible verses and prayers, but also personal stories (the ones Max shares are reprints from his books) and that ke

  4. What girl doesn’t want to be the prettiest girl in school? Or have a high confidence level? Well here’s reality, we’re not and we don’t. However this book does have many ways for your confidence to grow and for you to be a beautiful person on the inside.
    Redefining Beautiful is a wonderful book that has tips and little personal stories along with bible stories that helps girls with how they picture themselves. It’s a book for any girl of any age to help boost her confidence and realize that you

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