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  1. To me this is a seminal book in psychology/psychiatry, health, and spirituality. I’ve read this book more times than any other, first picking it up in 2008-9. It continues to teach me about my own mind and others. And has without question supported my own management/recovery from extreme states.

    At it’s core Podvall’s book proposes an alternative way of thinking about the nature of ‘psychosis’ (alternative to medical model derivatives). It uses a few case studies to illustrate how the potential a

  2. A close friend since adolescence and once an apartment-mate, Tom married, moved to San Francisco and had three children. Generally, we see one another at least once a year for a week or longer, maintaining contact in the interim. Consequently, I’ve watched the kids grow up.

    Of the three offspring, the youngest, now in early adulthood, has been the closest friend, a friendship which began when he started getting interested in philosophy during adolescence. Then, just at the end of high school, I w

  3. This book is intense, so intense that I had to put it down for a month. The intensity and our aversion with dealing with such disordered minds is treated as one of the obstacles that therapists and caretakers have to confront and lean into. The treatment is painstakingly detailed yet boils down to being ever present, not imposing your own worldview, supporting those islands of clarity when they appear, and not being afraid to confront your own fears and aversions when the patient pushs you. This

  4. Starts off with 3 engrossing biographies of people who suffered psychosis. Two of the three manage to overcome it. All of them kept good records of their experience. Then a chapter about the French man of letters and images, Henri Michaux, who uncovered some of the smaller cognitions that lead to full scale delusions.

    The second half of the book lays out the philosophy and methodology for creating a therapeutic home and engaging in the habits of basic attendance.

    Favorite quote: “Rare indeed are

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