5 thoughts on “Reborn! Vol. 01 (Reborn!, #1)

  1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, aka “The Idiotic Mafia anime”. Who would have guessed that the Godfather would get such a ridiculous spin-off in Japan? And here I thought zombies called orcs in Gungrave was too much.

    But let’s clarify a few things first. This show is a silly action/comedy that uses a backdrop story as an excuse for mostly random gags and some guys to come fight with some other guys. Don’t expect a captivating, multi-layered, well-thought of scenario. It is just a typical “kid wants to gr

  2. Many people have dropped both this manga and anime. And that is sad. This came out (well, was advertised coming soon in a shonen jump magazine) when I was actually in second grade. I was excited! Soon after, when I was old enough to finally obtain my own manga (I was never allowed to have my family buy me manga) this was the first. Sure, it seems boring at first. But don’t 99.9% of stories in general, comic, manga, novel or not, start that way? In the beginning it’s gonna have comedy, and idioti

  3. Okay, this is more of a warning and less of a review.

    The first volume of this book, and the next seven, are BEYOND SLOW MOVING AND PLOTLESS.

    However, once you get to the ninth volume, bang!, you get a bucketful of plot thrown at you, and it’s impossible not to love it. The story gets so good, that it makes up for the horrible start and deserves little less than 5 stars.

    Basically, your general plot is that the main character, Tsuna, is told he is to become the tenth generation mafia boss for th

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