5 thoughts on “Radiance

  1. This was a required text for me for uni, so logically I didn’t read this with much enthusiasm. I did try hard though, but although the play is short, it’s not very sweet and it’s much hoohah about nothing. The women didn’t need to be Indigenous Australians – they could be three women from anywhere really. Same things happen to all people. I can see why the literati admire it, but it’d be a big whoopee do for most other readers, I think.

  2. We had to read this in high school for my English class. I didn’t really like it. It irritated me how unnecessary certain scenes were.. such as the pubic hair plucking and flashing the priest? I’m not a literary prude – in fact I love erotica but this just had no context. I also didn’t appreciate the characters. I know this story had a message but honestly it got lost in all the things I didn’t like about this book.

  3. The book was funny at times, but mostly I found the language quite offensive. And I found the characters very unlikable, especially Cressy. She absolutely frustrates me because of her childish way of thinking. The storyline was also not very interesting, and the ending was just left hanging, which I didn’t like as well.

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