5 thoughts on “Questionable Content, Vol. 3

  1. My Great Questionable Content Binge continues with the third collection of the slice-of-life webcomic. So Marten and Dora have become a couple, but it’s interesting to see just how early that Dora’s insecurity over the situation raised its head. I had forgotten about that, from when I was reading it online. (view spoiler)[I had to skip ahead on the webcomic to find out when they broke up, and it’s not until about #1800 or so, so there’s a good couple of more volumes of Marten/Dora coupledom to c

  2. Sort of like an R-rated version of Archie. I’m liking this series quite a lot, and Jacques’ authorial comments on each strip are always appreciated. Some of the storylines get a little weird, but the entertaining characters more than make up for it.

  3. This is actually the 4th time I’m rereading this (I usually do it on the web version), got the books a few days ago. The print is a bit dark, but there’s some interesting commentary, and the story is still one of the best I’ve read.

  4. QC is one of my favorite web comics, a frothy mixture of gag strips and ongoing “Friends”-like drama. The flaws (mostly self-admitted) of all the characters (a pack that keeps growing like Topsy) keep the dialog witty and the story arcs lurching in unexpected directions. Jacques has been, over time, doing more story and fewer one-offs, and that process continues in this volume, covering comics 600-899 (it’s on 2325 as of this writing, so there’s plenty of catching up to do).

    It’s good stuff, and

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