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  1. When Charlie was just a baby, his father disappeared leaving his mother to raise him. Flash forward to the present. Charlie is celebrating his twelve birthday. While ice skating at the pond with his best friend, Bailey; Charlie spots a strange old man watching them. Charlie and Bailey arrive back at his house to find both Charlie and Bailey’s mothers talking to the same man at the pond. The old man introduces himself as Professor Henry Grayson. Grayson is Headmaster at the Thornfield School for

  2. The Quest for Merlin’s Map by W. C. Peever is the first of the Jumper Chronicles. It takes two traditional story types: the magical boarding school and the Arthurian legends and blends them together into something refreshingly new.

    Twelve year old best friends Charlie Burrows and Bailey Relling are visited by a mysterious man who warns them that they are in grave danger. He can offer them protection and an education to help them hone their awakening magical powers. They are taken by QILT (Quick I

  3. I’d give it 4.5

    Charlie Burrows is a normal 12 year old boy with a normal 12 year old best friend named Bailey. The two of them have grown up together in the seaside town of Marblehead, Massachusetts. Both of them have no idea where their dads disappeared to when they were mere toddlers, but the arrival of a strange man shakes up their seemingly normal world as they’re spirited to a far-away castle and a world they never knew existed.

    Peever has done something that rivals the likes of J.K. Rowling

  4. The Jumper Chronicles is a thrilling story about a young boy named Charlie and his best friend Bailey. Their fathers disappeared when they were both very young and haven’t been seen since. They have bonded as much as two friends could, each watching the others back over the years. As they each turn twelve, they find themselves at Thornfield Academy. Thornfield Academy is a place for the magically gifted, where they will find out what exactly their gift is and how to harness it’s power. Soon they

  5. First, I want to say how much I love the cover of this book. The artist did a fantastic job.

    When Charlie Burrows was two, his father disappeared. So, at a young age he became the “man” of the house, it’s just something he has always known. On his twelfth birthday, he and his friend Bailey are instantly transported to Thornfield School, unbeknownst to them until they awake. A man had come to the house earlier wanting to take them to England, saying their fathers had died in honor to the Queen, b

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