5 thoughts on “Qualities of Effective Teachers

  1. I read this for class. It has some good information and ideas on how to improve your teaching beyond straight laced lecture. However, it was dry as HELL and not presented in any interesting manner. Also, it was unnecessary to read the entire book. It is perfectly fine to skip the major text (which could be repetitive) and to just focus on the lists and bullet points. This book also provided some decent checklists. HOWEVER, I do not believe that these attributes are the ONLY things that constitut

  2. This is basically a summary of a bunch of research that tries to show what an effective teacher is. However, if you look carefully at the bibliography, a lot of the research is way outdated, and some of the research studies are ridiculous. The book goes through five sections (personality, management, organization, implementation and monitoring student progress), throws in any research that may have anything to do with that section, and tries to summarize what makes a teacher effective. At the en

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