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  1. 3.5 stars (I rounded up in this case given how good the second half of this book was).

    I read DJ Gross’s 1st book Stolen Justice and absolutely loved it…5 stars for sure. So there was no question that when I saw Prior Sins was available that I would be buying it.

    I’ll admit I started this book a couple of weeks ago and less than half way thru I kind of lost interest. It may have been because I was reading it solely at the gym and couldn’t get into the story in small amounts.

    The story was inte

  2. Hadrian Prior has left Oxford to briefly teach at the University of Michigan. Although he thinks this change-up will give him a well-deserved rest from his psychological forays into the dregs of humanity, a series of strange assaults on campus bring him back into the game.

    When Prior’s senses are tickled by a possible reference to Greek Mythology, he is led to Sarah Roth, a professor of classics at the university.

    Hadrian Prior hunts monsters. Sarah believes she is a monster. But the real monste

  3. Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 out of 5
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    Oxford University Professor Hadrian Prior aids the British police in identifying criminals and building a case against them. He’s not sure how he’ll cope with a vacation from his consultation work when he takes a position as a visiting professor at the University of Michigan. Then a series of increasingly violent crimes on campus lead the Ann Arbor police to ask Hadrian for help, and he once against finds himself delving into the mind of a psycho

  4. DJ Gross has created very likable characters and an antagonist you can actually feel sorry for.

    With Sarah, you realize early on that she couldn’t help but fall victim to her dreams and hallucinations since her mother drilled into her that she would be put away if she ever told anyone. Hadrian, dark angel good looks with a British accent to complete the package, is just the right person to come along to dig into Sarah’s past and help her realize she wasn’t going crazy because her dreams had a ver

  5. 99cts at Kindle with more than enough erotica woven in. Close to Porn but not quite. It seems that it was in serious need of editing, but it worked out OK in the ending.

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