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  1. When I was kid, Prince Valiant was the living fossil of the comics page. Intricately drawn, with the captions weirdly bundled beneath the illustrations instead of being bound in bubbles, it dealt with swords and mail and bloodshed. Sure, the Phantom was still kicking, Dick Tracy was chasing crooks, but Prince Valiant was so beautiful, archaic and weird that it may as well have been scrimshawed on an ostrich egg.

    After reading the first volume of Fantagraphics excellent reprinting of Hal Foster’s

  2. This is a very nice book collecting the original strips by Hal Foster. The art and the color are stunning and the huge size of the book allows to read the strips as they were originally published. I find however that the story itself is only average but this is a very nice book to own for any collector or anyone interested in comics history.

  3. Years ago, when Calvin and Hobbes was still running in the newspaper, I handed my sister the paperback book collection of the strip. “But I don’t like Calvin and Hobbes,” she said. I was taken aback because I thought everybody liked Calvin and Hobbes. Extemporizing, I suggested, “I think you might like it better if you read it from the beginning.”

    It was a lucky guess which turned out to be true. And now it has worked on me for Prince Valiant, a Sunday color feature whose narrative charms had alw

  4. After 70 years or so, the first Prince Valiant volume remains surprisingly young at heart. When I was a teenage girl, the Sunday Prince Valiant strips by John Cullen Murphy were the antithesis of cool, yet to my embarrassment, I had found myself caring about the characters and becoming immersed in its rich, Byzantine world, waiting impatiently for the next week’s installment. Yet despite my enthusiasm, by this time, Prince Valiant already had a wife and grandkids, an impenetrably long backstory,

  5. This was the best kind of Hanukkah gift: something I had never really thought about or desired, but which I immediately realized I needed, once I got it.

    These original Prince Valiant cartoons are amazing. They are so beautifully drawn and colored, in just the right way as to lift very good storytelling to great storytelling. Val is a classic youthful hero type, who is much better, smarter, and tougher than just about every adult he ever comes across (famous knights of the roundtable included), b

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