3 thoughts on “Prince of Ash (Shadow Fae, #2)

  1. In the city of Dere a quiet war brews—a war in Faerie that may spill into the human realm and drag in the faelings who only wish to be left alone to live in peace. But the seelie fae will hunt down the faelings until every last one of them are stamped out, simply because they are tainted with human blood.

    After the Seelie Court is broken, Mina Cole and Duncan RiDahn continue to run their bookshop. Peace reigns and nothing seems threatening. Then Mina picks up on a lone soldier battling a private

  2. Charles de Lint fans, this is the book for you!

    This is the story of Pook, a homeless teen, set in a Victorian type setting wherein just being poor is a crime in and of itself, and the story of Alex, an young woman who ran away from a pre-arranged marriage and an ugly past in search of freedom and a better life. Add the fact that both Pook and Alex are part unseelie fae who are disconnected from their fae selves, and they are a natural match for one another.

    The story itself is enchanting, the tal

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