4 thoughts on “Primal Vision

  1. Unfortunately, as far as the world of anthropological theological readers goes, this is a widely unknown book. Why it is so unfamiliar is beyond me. I read this book four years ago and attribute a lot of my critical understanding about faith and culture to this book. I am reading another book by John V. Taylor now, and still find that same revelation of ideas that challenge my knowledge as I found in this book many years ago. He writes with gusto about meeting Christian theology with African wor

  2. Dense book about Christianity and Africa. Helps to sort through issues of ancestor worship, polygamy, sin and presence. Interestingly, John Taylor lived in Mukono (where I live now) about 40 years ago, so the book talks a lot about Uganda.

  3. This book was a formative one for me, and a good one to discuss with others, especially if you are a Christian living cross-culturally on the continent of Africa.

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