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  1. Barbara Sproul has put together an excellent, reliable, and fascinating compendium of many various myths about creation from around the globe. She organized the book by the continents, first. This is handy as you can quickly see which cultures among the North American Natives had which myths, and you can read the story of the myth as it would be told by an elder of the culture. Then, see what creation stories certain African cultures, or Asian cultures, etc. had told. Sproul does not leave it as

  2. This book is a collection of nearly every creation myth from every culture and time period in the world; from the Eskimos, to the Ancient Egyptians, to Native American tribes. The myths are arranged in order of geographic location. I kept this book from one of my religion classes in college.

    Great book you can read at a leisurely pace, and don’t have to read everyday to understand. You could read a myth a day, or once a week etc. until you finish reading it. Great resource or book to read at leis

  3. Primal Myths by Barbara Sproul is an extensive collection of creation myths from around the world. I like that the book is organized by world region, so it’s easy to find the creation myth for a particular culture being studied in school or that you simply want to know more about. The book is extensive – I had no idea there were so many creation myths! This book is dense, so it’s definitely better for older readers or for teachers to use as a reference. The lack of pictures would make the book r

  4. I have conquered you, you….you fiend! I’ve owned this book for five or six years. I started reading it four years ago and I had a hard time reading it. But now I have overcome it! Yay!

    I think one of the biggest problems, I had with this book is that I had this single thought throughout the entire book: “Where in the seven garter belts of Batman is she getting this stuff?” I blame it on my continuous writing of academic papers and having to cite my resources. Whenever I pick up a non-fiction b

  5. Excellent compilation of creation myths from cultures throughout the world and throughout history. I would have made suggestions to change the font, paper, and stylistic organization of the book (she indents every other entry to separate myths), which is short of welcoming. But that aside, Sproul claims to have selected the best accounts available for each myth, so the language is the best you’ll find (or at least would have in 1979). Descriptions vary in length and style, but for the most part

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