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  1. Fluttering Thoughts:

    World Building: It’s sort of contemporary, with the whole finishing school and not quite getting a job things and such. The charm of “you can never have enough layers of management” wasn’t lost on me 😀 , that’s the note in which this world is built.
    Characters: Fun, though not quite deeply explored. They felt more like novella/short fiction fit then for a novel, to be honest.
    Plot: The idea of the story is interesting and fun to follow, but I felt it was perhaps a bit dragged

  2. Jeff Thomason has created an enigma in the character of The Wandering Koala. He has seemingly unlimited power to do what he wishes. He has the skills of a ninja, incredible intelligence, and he goes around saving people. Is he human or alien? Unfortunately, he won’t ever say as he is mute. With his side kick, Brent, they rescue the hapless Rene and restore power to a city caught in panic.
    This story starts with one of the clearest explanations of a market monopoly that I have ever seen. After thi

  3. This novel is a social commentary on big business and politics, focusing mainly on the “little” guy in the midst of it all. Much of this novel centers around situations that those in the work force will recognize as true to life; though the exact events may not take place, the concepts surrounding them are everyday occurrences with which many readers will be able to connect. Rene’s character represents the working class, he’s easily likeable, has been searching for a job in a terrible economy, a

  4. This is a free book from the Goodreads First Reads giveaways.
    This was an “anime” type of novel featuring a mysterious do-gooder, The Wandering Koala. Although I found the plot a bit boring, I did enjoy the sarcasm about business politics/management.

  5. this book and the characters remind me of a supperhero novel this book is for people who are around there 20s I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads

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