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  1. Autumn Leaves, Moon River, Blues In The Night, The Days Of Wine And Roses, One For My Baby, Accentuate The Positive ….and that’s only a few. The tip of the iceberg. Check out the Wikipedia entry on Johnny Mercer. The greatest and best known of his works are mentioned in the text of the entry while later in the article there is a supplemental list of tunes not already mentioned. Along the way he collaborated with Harold Arlen, Hoagy Carmichael, Jerome Kern, Henry Mancini, Gordon Jenkins. Again

  2. This book reaffirms what many of us suspect: great achievement in the entertainment industry often comes at a very high price. It details the story of Johnny Mercer as a lyrical genius, astute businessman, and “sentimental gentleman from Georgia” trapped in a world of melancolia, alcoholism, anger, and marital discord. The author, Gene Lees, is a lyricist and music industry insider. He uses detailed interviews with friends, family, and colleagues as well as Mercer’s unpublished autobiography to

  3. Excellent biography of a terrific songwriter. The best of the Mercer biographies, and, so I was told by a member of Mercer’s family, it is the biography that is the most accurate in terms of fact.

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