5 thoughts on “Pony to the Rescue (Pony Pals, #5)

  1. It is a chapter book and book 5 of the “Pony Pals” series. My now grown daughter LOVED these books as a child (she begin to read them when she was about 8) and read all of the ones in the series. I found her copy of many of them and decided to try and read them to see what they were like. You can read these as stand alone books; but the reader would understand and relate to the girls better if you read them in order. If you have to miss one ‘here and there’ it’s not big deal; you won’t be lost b

  2. Reading Level 3.8 AR Points 1.0

    This book is good just like all the rest. I can understand why my nieces loved the books so much and so did my Grandson who has always loved horses. At one time we counted his toy horses, he had over 500. Why do they always make the books and the toy horses for the little girls or young girls and never include the boys? I had 3 boys and they were crazy about horses.

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