5 thoughts on “Poems by Faiz

  1. An epiphany of longings, a lithograph of desires, Faiz’s poems are food for the soul that makes the reader aware of the appallingly excruciating pain associated with love and all its shenanigans. Each word measured, each feeling intense Faiz highlights the despondency of the heart in more words than the dictionary holds. A must read for anyone who appreciates or desires to understand the fine art of Urdu poetry and it’s finer nuances.

  2. I am a fan of Faiz’s poetry and would happily give him 5 stars. My only concern is with the translation and transliteration of the Urdu. Since I do not speak Urdu, I leave the critiques to those who do.

  3. This book serves as my introduction to the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

    The 54 poems in this book are presented across 232 pages, Urdu script arranged beautifully on left facing pages, English translations and romanized Urdu on the opposing pages. This means there are 116 pages of English translations, and these occupy about two thirds of the content of each page. The poems are translated into both figurative verse and literal prose poems, always presented in this order. I read every poem at least

  4. A great translation of Faiz’s work, including selected poems from numerous published editions of his poetry. I also love the fact that this book contains the literal Urdu translation (in addition to the adjusted), which helps improve my vocabulary. Furthermore, the Urdu text is done by a master calligrapher, and is a joy to read.

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