5 thoughts on “Poem I Turn to

  1. I love reading poetry and I’m always interested in what others are reading so this book was right up my alley. Some of the choices were bizarre (both of people selected to ask and poems they liked)and some I didn’t understand at all, but it was interesting to read. It made me think about what poem I turn to–and I can’t see how anyone could choose just one (or 2) when there are so many good ones that fit different situations.

  2. I’m really not a big poetry fan, so no surprise I didn’t love the book. There were a couple of poems that I could relate to, but on the whole not so much. What was interesting is that this book is a collection of books that are inspiring to celebrities – actors, directors, writers. What they found inspiring to me seemed very doom and gloom.

  3. Although I don’t usually need actors or television personalities to offer me poetry ideas…Their picks are some of my long time favorites! And, leave it to Phillip Seymore Hoffman to introduce me to one of my new FAV poems. I knew Jason Shinder,the man who was so kind and encouraging to all. He is greatly missed.

  4. Famous people pick out their favorite poem and some of them read them for you on an enclosed CD. I got this for ideas for my poetry project and found some good candidates. Also, someone chose the poem I am memorizing this month as their favorite poem. So that was fun.

  5. I pretty good collection of poems, but the layout left much to be desired. The contributing actors who I recognized weren’t the ones who gave explanations of why the read the poems. I also didn’t really like the readings on the audio CD. A disappointment.

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