5 thoughts on “Pluto Visits Earth!

  1. When the news finally reaches Pluto that he has been demoted and is no longer considered a planet, he is understandably furious and decides to find out what has happened. He zooms as quickly as he can to Earth, passing by some of his fellow planets, but none of them can help at all. After all, they are dealing with their own problems and preoccupations such as keeping their moons in orbit. After heading to sn observatory, Pluto looms over the people below, but finds solace in the words of a boy

  2. Pluto finds out that he has been downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet and he is pissed. He goes to Earth and demands to know why. I think I enjoyed this story more than my daughter did. Then again, I grew up with Pluto as a planet so maybe it hit more closer to home to me or it could be the fact that she is only 3. Great book nonetheless. Worth checking out!

  3. This book was a great non-fiction book that had elements of the solar system throughout. The students would have learned about planets and the solar system so the book would be integrated into a unit where they were learning about the solar system. i would use this book in a third grade and fourth grade classroom. Even if some of the students were at higher reading levels, they would enjoy this book while reviewing topics that had already been learned. To integrate into language arts I would hav

  4. This was a fun book. Pluto learns that his status of a planet has been changed to him being a dwarf planet. He’s not very happy about this so he decides to come to earth to ask why this happened. A great book for children who love anything to do with space.

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