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  1. I haven’t always been fond of George’s narrative style, and in the later books, the different POVs drove me nuts. That said, this book has one of the best characterization I’ve read in her books. Brilliant.

  2. ““In England the term “the Ashes” signifies victory in test cricket (cricket played at the national level) against Australia.””

    The preceding quote is from the book. However, if you, gentle reader, are thinking, “I bet actually the title of this mystery genre novel is a sly double entrende about a dead body” you are right! The only thing this book has to do with game of cricket is that one of the characters is a star cricket player. But if you really are a fan of cricket and are expecting a game

  3. This was a big book, 681 pages and it too me over a week to read it, but it was worth it. Elizabeth George gets better by the book. A first class writer and story-teller, that keeps you in your seat, not wanting to put the book down. This one was about the murder of an England Cricketer, Kenneth Fleming, found dead a as result of an arson attack, in the cottage of his lover, who seems to have vanished. There are suspects abound for Lynley and Havers, plenty of motives for the death of Kenneth Fl

  4. Playing for the Ashes is the 7th book in the Inspector Lynley mystery series. Like all of her books, even a seemingly open and shut case is vastly complicated, as the motives for murder, and equally unhelpful suspects, slowly amass. “The Ashes” historically refer to the prize that is awarded in a Test cricket series played between England and Australia, and is fitting for a title, as the victim in this case turns out to be Kenneth Fleming, a late rising star on England’s team, murdered on the ev

  5. Seventh in the Inspector Lynley mystery series set in modern-day London.

    The Story
    The title is a play on a particular cricket game, The Ashes, traditionally played between England and Australia. The fact that this particular cricketeer died from carbon monoxide in a house fire…well, I’ll leave it to you to judge as to how much of a play the title is.

    Kenneth Fleming is the center around whom everyone involved pivots when he is found dead in a cottage owned by Miriam Whitelaw, his teacher, most fer

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