5 thoughts on “Planetes, Volume 2 (Planetes, #2)

  1. Planetes en mi opinión mejora mucho con este segundo volumen. La llegada de nuevos personajes como Hakim, Tabate e incluso Leonov dan la oportunidad y el espacio a nuevas “phases”. El punto en común suele ser la madurez personal y psicológica del protagonista Hachimaki, en una labor tan arriesgada como es la de ser astronauta.

    Con aún dos volúmenes por leer y la aventura del posible gran viaje de Hachimaki Planetes por el momento me parece una lectura recomendada tanto para fans del comic/manga c

  2. Space is big. And dark. And light. And empty. And lonely.

    But, it turns out, we’re all in space. All the time. Even here on Earth!

    Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

    Hachimaki, the hero of our story, is trying to get on the Jupiter mission so he can come back a hero and make a lot of money so he can buy his own ship. But even as he works to make the cut, those eco-terrorists are at it again. Blowing things up to save er.. something.

    At least in this volume, it feels like the story is starting to go somewhere.


  3. 3 stars instead of 4 this time. The reason I knocked a star is due to the story arch about 3/4 of the way through where the US declares war in space. Apparently Col. Sanders is the personification of the American military? The reason for the conflict is barely elaborated on, and juxtaposed in between that is a story about Fee Carmichael’s brother who disappeared into the Virginia wild. Then suddenly the book goes back to what Planetes is 95% of the time, the romance between Hachimaki and Tanabe

  4. Loving the series. Tanabe is annoying me so much though, I just wish she communicated her thoughts differently and not so assertively. She acts as if she runs everything, which was agonizing to read. The character development is great. The authour no longer jumps from time to time so drastically which is nice.

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