5 thoughts on “Pilates Body in Motion

  1. Great reference/general introduction to pilates. One of the things that I really liked about this particular guide was the full color, large pictures showing proper posture and the full exercise sequences for certain poses. It’s very easy to understand and pick up for multiple levels of pilates practitioners – whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or at the advanced level. I liked the poses, the brief expansion on pilates history, as well as attention to some of the forms and suggested program

  2. I bought this book as a companion to a yoga book I purchased– when I got tired of just doing yoga.

    I spent a good amount of time traveling for my job– and this book helped to be sure I wouldn’t gain weight spending so much time not eating meals cooked at home. It was easy to do in a hotel room– and didn’t disturb anyone in the rooms around me.

    Liked the layout, the easy to follow pictures and routines. Good for a busy person who just needs to start in doing some routines.

  3. I’m training for a certain activity and was told that Pilates would be great to do because many people in the sport do it. I knew absolutely nothing about Pilates. I asked around at local fitness clubs but couldn’t find any instructors. Lacking local instruction, I bought this book based on the recommendations here.

    The many pictures and instructions for the actual exercises were very easy to follow. However, the information in the introduction (including an explanation of the 6 basic principles

  4. I had started reading this book years ago but never could get the time to really read it until now. I have done some of these exercises during an aerobics class. The illustrations in the book really help you see the correct and incorrect ways to perform the exercises.

    You are introduced to the meaning of Pilates and the Language. Your goal is to have a strong core which will help with your balance and posture. There are 4 exercise programs, Introduction Program, Beginner’s Program, Intermediate P

  5. Clear explanations and a manageable program, good photos. It’s helpful to take some pilates classes so that you really understand about correct alignment, but once you do that, this book is an excellent resource.

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