0 thoughts on “People Will Always Be Kind

  1. People Will always be kind by Wilfrid Sheed is a novel about politics. Unfortunately, the story is not very intriguing. Brian Casey, suffers from polio but learns to live with it. He goes ahead to become a Senator and later run for president. It is claimed to be the best novel of the year. Extremely moving, deeply felt and terrific. I must say that I disagree with those sentiments completely. It didn’t appeal to me at all.

  2. I read this many years ago (on the strength of a NYT Book Review rave) and remembered that I liked Sheed’s voice, and so thought to give it another try. More disappointing this time. The voice that once sounded fresh and straightforward now struck me as overly clever, and in the end I came away without a strong picture of or strong feelings (except maybe annoyance) about Brian Casey and Sam Perkins. Sheed has a knowing way of describing political campaigns, and that intrigued me, but in the end

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