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    At the start of the book, I was sold. As I suspect is the case with many people, I find Jack the Ripper to be a fascinating case. He did, after all, go down in infamy. Due to the fact that we know so little about him, this allows authors to let their imagination go wild with ideas for what could have happened, both fantasy- and reality-based. To begin with, I got the impression that the evil entity that has taken on the name Jack was caught in some form of limbo exi

  2. I picked this up having previously read and enjoyed “Zombie Britannica” by the same author. This book is very different to that one although the short quick paced chapters were the same. The story starts explaining about the Jack the ripper murders that occured in London in the 18oo’s, I was and am already interested in these unsolved murders so the book initially peaked my interest because of this. The rest of the story is quite strange, biblical and very paranormal. If you aren’t into that kin

  3. ‘In the 19th Century, a sinister killer ripped four souls from this world. But he needs a fifth and he’s back to find it…
    A fabled monster is unleashed again
    Jack’s back and he has unfinished business’

    Having previously read and enjoyed Emson’s Pandemonium Road, I was really looking forward to reading this and I wasn’t disappointed.
    I love his writing style and he delivers on the detail, guts & gore, a true horror writer.

    Who doesn’t have a bit of a fascination with Jack the Ripper & the my

  4. The 1888 murders of 5 east end Londoners was never solved, though the cases became famous for the nick name given to the never-identified murderer: Jack the Ripper. East End suffers another murder spree in 1996, and again, the cases go unsolved. The bulk of the story takes place 2011, when Charlie Faultless returns to East End and the murders start again. There are foes at every turn and a deeper, darker mystery that he must get to the bottom of if he hopes to prevent the murders of people he ca

  5. I made one mistake. I judged a book by its cover. And now I have very mixed emotions about this whole book; I really can’t wrap my head around it.
    Two things attracted me to this book. The first was the book cover, and I know I shouldn’t really do that but I’m sure we are all guilty of it. If it’s atheistically pleasing then readers would most likely read the back and dive straight in. That’s what I did. The haunting green eyes are a focal point with a manly hand covering her mouth made me think

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